Rick Ross Reveals The Cause Of His Seizures In 2018

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Rick Ross is the biggest boss in the rap game, but that doesn’t mean he’s invincible. In 2018, Ross was hospitalized for, at the time, reasons unknown. Foreshadowing the release of his memoir Hurricanes on Tuesday, Ross said that consuming codeine is what led to his hospital stay last year.

“That mixed with the things I was drinking, the other drugs I was doing, and on top of not resting,” Ross said. “[I don’t think] one particular thing would have killed me. But everything combined?” However, he’s bouncing back now thanks to the support of friends and business partners.

“When I woke up in the hospital and I had so many people around me, so many homies, it felt like I was in V.I.P. or some sh*t,” Ross told People. “But it was more like ‘Damn, we gotta do some special things.'”

In a span of about two months, Ross has cemented his legacy with his 10th solo album Port of Miami 2, reconciled with Drake and gave their respective fans “Gold Roses”, attempted to do the same with Lil Wayne and Pusha T, and admitted that he was wrong for telling Meek Mill not to trust Nicki Minaj.

It appears that Ross, 43, is seeking peace in his life. So often when rappers improve in their personal lives and stop perpetually drinking and doing drugs their music is compromised. Ross is proving how legendary he is by being the exception.