Rick Ross Has Canceled Tour Dates Due To Gang Threats

I can hear the Leno monologue already: “Say, have you guys heard about this? This is in the news: apparently rapper Rick Ross had to cancel tour dates in North Carolina because of death threats from a gang. It’s true. This is the first time he’s ever had beef with someone other than the McDonald’s late-night manager…”

One of the most popular hip hop artists in the country has canceled concert stops in Charlotte and Greensboro for this weekend. The cancellation comes on the heels of death threats but no specific reason was given for the cancellations.

A Maybach Music Group concert tour headlining Rick Ross was scheduled to appear Friday in Greensboro and Saturday at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte. Rappers Wale and Meek Mill were scheduled to appear as well.

The threats stem from the Gangster Disciples, who have a beef with Ross. The North Carolina Chapter recently put out a YouTube video warning him to stay out of Charlotte…In the rap video the Disciples are upset because Ross mentions the name of the founder of the street gang and uses the Star of David to promote himself. That symbol is used by the gang. (Via)

“…but seriously, folks, Ross should be OK. He’s already rescheduled the Bojangles Coliseum show to a Bojangles in a rest stop off I-95.” Here’s the video that upset the gang.

(Via Consequence of Sound)