Rico Nasty Claims She Was The Victim Of A Racist ‘Attack’ Over A Parking Spot

Rico Nasty took to Twitter to share an alarming experience. The “Fashion Week” rapper claimed she was the victim of a racist attack that happened over the weekend.

According to the rapper, someone threatened to call the police on her during an argument over a parking spot. “Lmao racist people love being like ‘DID U THREATEN ME ILL CAWL THE COPZ,'” she wrote.

One fan asked if she had been “attacked racially” and Nasty confirmed it was the case. “I got attacked last night,” she wrote. “He started with ‘you people’ that’s when I knew.”

She then said the entire incident was over a parking spot.

One fan suggested that Rico should have retaliated and “smacked” the perpetrator, but she responded that he would have sued her after Googling her name and finding out who she was.

During the incident, she thought about all the people who have gotten seriously injured or killed when those situations escalate. She said it made her “want to cry” because she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong but was still placed in a dangerous situation because she didn’t know what the other person was capable of.

Rico also thanked the person she was with for not causing the situation to escalate.

Thankfully, Rico left the situation unharmed and said the entire ordeal made her learn a lesson.

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