Riff Raff Is Releasing A Book Of Poetry

Riff Raff falls firmly in the “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” camp of rappers. By almost any metric, he’s not a skilled lyricist and Genius transcriptions of songs like “Deion Sandals” look suitably ridiculous. All this makes the strange news that Jody Highroller is releasing a book of poetry.

Riff revealed the book, titled Neon Vibes, in an Instagram post. Before you think Riff is making a bid at getting heady on everyone, you should know that Citizen this ain’t. Neon Vibes will feature a holographic cover that shifts between images of a cartoon Riff sun and a cartoon Raff moon.

And Raff isn’t getting away from rapping. In the same post where he unveiled his poetic plans, he announced a mixtape called Trench Coat Towers that will drop this week. He also said that he’s putting the finishing touches on his full-length album Pink Panther. In his own words, the album is “BEiNG PURRRRRRTRFECTED” so that should give you an idea of what to expect from Vibes.

For more short snippets of Riff Raff, check out a bit of his collaboration with Justin Bieber and follow that up with a video of a fan getting annihilated by Jody’s security.

(Via HipHopDX)