Rihanna Filmed Herself Watching Her ‘Bates Motel’ Sex Scene

It’s the biggest pop star/television crossover since the Beach Boys appeared on Full House: on Monday night, Rihanna made her much-anticipated Bates Motel debut. She’ll only be on the A&E series for two episodes, but the “This Is What You Came For” singer is playing an iconic character, Marion Crane, who — spoiler (?) — eventually gets stabbed to death while taking a shower in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Rihanna is a huge fan of Bates Motel, and executive producer Carlton Cuse was looking for someone to play Marion, so he “made a couple calls — the worst thing that can happen is just someone says no to you — [and] we had low expectations that it would happen, but it did.”

To celebrate the latest addition to her filmography, which also includes SNL, Battleship, and This Is The End (where she had the enviable task of playing “Rihanna”), Rihanna filmed herself watching herself (woah) on Instagram Live. She livestreamed the entire episode, and even came up with a drinking game: take a shot every time someone said “Norman.” It doesn’t take long before she’s drunk. The best part is when Rihanna gets embarrassed while watching her sex scene. Just imagine how Drake feels. Here’s the sex scene clip:

And here’s the entire thing:

Watching Rihanna watching things is more entertaining than the actual thing.

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