(UPDATE) Rihanna Has Reportedly Been Cast In A New Musical Alongside Adam Driver

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UPDATE: According to a representative who spoke with Pitchfork, Rihanna is not going to appear in Annette. They say that the original report from Variety is inaccurate.

People love musicals. People love Adam Driver. People really love Rihanna. Put all three together and you have a recipe for a real winner. That’s exactly what Amazon Studios is hoping for anyway. According to Variety, the online retailer/movie studio has recently acquired the distribution rights to a new film titled Annette, allegedly starring both the Star Wars villain and the Anti singer.

Directed by French filmmaker Leos Carax, in what will be his first English-language feature, the musical is also said to feature music by the 1970s glam rock group Sparks. The prospect of hearing Ri-Ri sing through that band’s catalog is incredibly enticing. Adam Driver isn’t too shabby on a microphone either…

Annette looks to be yet another bright spot in what’s becoming a pretty nice collection of IMDB credits for Rihanna. Okay, the Battleship entry doesn’t look great, but she was great as the voice of Tip in Home, and who among us isn’t excited for her turn in the all-female reboot Ocean’s Eight? Exactly.

If you haven’t heard it, you should really check out the 1974 Sparks single “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us” below to get your excitement all the way up for this project.