Rihanna Chilled With Beyonce, Rocked With Kendrick, And Got Praised By Barack Obama At Her Diamond Ball

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To say that the stars came out for Rihanna’s annual Diamond Ball event is selling the entire thing short. Some of the most famous and beloved celebrities in the world rubbed shoulders alongside one another in New York City last night, all in an effort to fund Rih-Rih’s incredible philanthropic efforts, like supporting education in Malawi. “The more you drink, the more inspired you’ll be to donate money,” Rihanna said. “And help kids around the world.”

The guest list read like a veritable who’s who of powerful leaders in pop culture and included Jay-Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Dave Chappelle. Rappers like Lil Kim, Cardi B., Future, Fabolous and Young Thug were also in attendance. Kendrick Lamar turned up to perform his DAMN hit “Loyalty.” And while Rihanna didn’t join him onstage to reprise her guest hooks, she appeared to have a hell of a time watching him bring their collaboration to life.

In a surprise twist, Barack Obama also showed up in video form to praise Rihanna for her work across the world. “You’ve become a powerful force,” the former President said. “Thank you Rihanna for your act in philanthropy, thank you all for your support.”

The event also held an auction, which, according to the Washington Post help raise a staggering $840,000. Chappelle himself accounted for $180,000 of the total by purchasing a Retna art piece. “I have the perfect wall for this,” he deadpanned.

Rihanna even got to kick it with Beyonce, which is just the best.