Rihanna Slow-Mo Runs Into The Awaiting Arms Of Her Fans In ‘Goodnight Gotham’

08.01.16 3 years ago

Quick, avant-garde bonus tracks seem to be very de rigueur in 2016 with hip-hop A-listers like Drake, Kanye West and Ms. BadGal herself Rihanna taking part in this flourishing trend. However, it is the 28-year-old Barbadian sensation who just released a music video associated with one of these mini anthems. This past weekend, Rihanna dropped the vid for her track “Goodnight Gotham,” a song that only clocks in at about a minute and a half.

Yet, this quickie track is made even more so with its accompanying video being edited down to a mere minute and six seconds. Nevertheless, members of Rihanna’s Navy got a lot of bang for their buck, so to speak, as the brief clip plays out like a home movie in the most dramatic fashion.

The visual for “Goodnight Gotham” opens with a member of Riri’s team declaring, “one minute,” evidently also unknowingly dictating the length of the video. The “Work” singer then pulls up to the Eiffel Tower with copy popping up below reading, “Left my ANTI photoshoot to meet my fans at Trocadero Square…” Following this ellipsis, Rihanna exits the car and starts to slow mo run into an adoring crowd until she finally reaches them and leaps into their arms. This congregation of zealous fans absolutely lose it, as they hoist her up into the air and surround the superstar all vying for a photo. Sporting a metallic jumpsuit, and a wide goofy grin, it seems the R&B princess maybe, just maybe, enjoyed the unreal experience just as much as her devoted Navy.

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