Chris Brown’s Arm May Or May Not Have Made A Cameo In Rihanna’s New Video

11.09.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

I watched this video for “Diamonds” last night and found it rather unremarkable, aside from the fact that a man’s heavily tattooed arm in the video struck me as one that could belong to World’s Worst Person Chris Brown. As it turns out, it’s probably not — Rihanna’s likely just trolling us, and that may be the only thing we can be certain of here.

From VH1’s Mark Graham:

When you compare the arm from “Diamonds” (on the left) with Chris Brown’s arm (on the right), it appears we have two different arms at play. We don’t recognize any of the identifying characteristics on the arm on the right —the Mickey Mouse style hands, that weird helmet thingie— with the heretofore anonymous arm on the left.

This would be all so much easier if Chris Brown didn’t have arms to beat ladies up with and/or possibly make cameos in videos by ladies he’s beaten up. Just saying!

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