Ringo Starr Is Auctioning Off The First Copy Of The Beatles ‘The White Album’ For A Crazy Amount

Marge Simpson’s favorite Beatle, Ringo Starr, is auctioning off an extremely rare copy of The Beatles’ self-titled 1968 record, colloquially and better known as The White Album. This particular copy of the album is so rare due to the fact that it is the original U.K. pressing with the numbered stamp No. 0000001. This isn’t the only collectible item Ringo is auctioning off; he is also selling non-music items like art and heirlooms through Julien’s Auctions.

The rare copy of The White Album was rumored to be John Lennon’s who, according to Paul McCartney, “shouted the loudest” for it when the band decided to have the copies numbered. The first four pressings of the album were all in possession of The Beatles while White Album No. 0000005 sold at auction in 2008 for a little less than $30,000.  If you’re a Beatles super fan who happens to have tens of thousands to spend than this special record might be for you. Starr’s copy of the album is projected to sell for anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000.

All proceeds of the sale will go to the Lotus Foundation, which was founded by Starr and his wife, Barbara Bach, to “fund, support, participate in and promote charitable projects aimed at advancing social welfare in diverse areas.” So far, the album only has one bid at the starting amount of $20,000; expect that number to rise soon though.

(via The Vinyl Factory)