Robert Plant Literally Ripped Up An $800 Million Contract To Reunite Led Zeppelin

You can purchase a lot of things for $800 million. Ten Matthew McConaughey’s, eighty-billion pieces of penny candy, my dignity. But the one thing it can’t buy: a Led Zeppelin reunion. Also, a cure for AIDS, probably, but also the Led Zeppelin thing. Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones agreed to a “35 dates in three cities” tour, but Robert Plant was having none of it, and like a poorly written character in an Aaron Sorkin script, he literally ripped up a contract.

[Plant] and the other living founding members of legendary hard-rock band Led Zeppelin were about to ink an $800 million contract with Virgin Atlantic billionaire Richard Branson to play a reunion tour, but the iconic band’s singer ripped the contract to shreds in the final moments, a report said.

Branson was left stunned when the 66-year-old Plant tore the agreement to pieces right in front of the concert promoters, the newspaper said.

“There was an enormous sense of shock,” a source told the Mirror. “He said no and ripped up the paperwork he had been given.” (Via)

Branson’s dream of a Zeppelin reunion crashed as horribly as the VSS Too Soon. Nothing’s going right for that handsome, charismatic billionaire lately…

Via NY Post

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