A Group In Austin, Texas Is Pushing To Re-Name Robert E. Lee Road To Robert Plant Road

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The movement in the American South to remove and replace monuments erected to honor leaders and Generals of the Confederacy gained a whole new head of steam follow the tragic events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia a few weeks back. A number of different municipalities in the former Confederacy have taken major steps to tearing down monuments as well as renaming streets and schools named after the likes of Stonewall Jackson or Jefferson Davis.

In Austin, Texas on Tuesday, City Council Member Ann Kitchen said she would spearhead an effort to change the name of a major street in the city named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee, which apparently has the backing of Mayor Steve Adler as well. In the spirit of the music-forward, offbeat city, a new group has already stepped up to offer a suggestion as to whom should replace the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia; Led Zeppelin frontman, and self-proclaimed “Golden God,” Robert Plant.

In a new promotional video, a group called Keep Austin Weird Not Racist outlined why they think Plant should replace Lee on the street sign.

“Robert E. Lee Road is not what represents us,” the group said in a press release. “If anything, we’re more like Robert Plant Road. Aren’t we the ‘Live Music Capital of the World,’ after all? Plus, the dude actually lived here.”

They even shared a mock-up of what the sign might look like.

What do you think? Should Austin honor one of the members of the greatest rock band of all-time?