Robert Plant Slipped Stephen Colbert The Greatest Gift Of All: Weed

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10.10.14 2 Comments

Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, who probably has enough money to actually buy a stairway to Heaven, was on The Colbert Report last night to play some tunes from his new album, Lullabye and…The Ceaseless Roar (which sounds like the name of a killer Smashing Pumpkins b-side), and slip Stephen Colbert a present. A joint, he gave him a joint, or for the purposes of Colbert’s lawyers, a fancy cigarette.

Plant is in Peak Plant mode the entire interview, calling his pet “Arthur, the once and future dog,” throwing shade at Canada, and something about his musical journey. I’m not really sure what he was talking about there — me thinks he was under the influence of…something.


“Little Maggie”

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