Robyn Offers One More ‘Honey’ Preview With The Lush And Relaxed ‘Human Being’

Mark Peckmezian

Robyn’s Honey, her first album in eight years, comes out tomorrow, but before then, Robyn decided she wanted to sneak in one more preview of the record. As part of the Adult Swim Singles Program, Robyn has shared “Human Being,” a warm and patient track that features a prominent beat but rests in a comfortable midtempo zone.

The song features Zhala, a fellow Swede and the first artist signed to Robyn’s Konichiwa Records, about whom Robyn wrote, “Zhala makes the most interesting music that takes you on a ride with each song. It’s so broad and has so much integrity at the same time. When Zhala sings the heavens open and the stars come down to hover over my head and I feel like anything is possible.”

Robyn previously spoke about Honey as a whole, describing the record as “personal” and a “sweet place”: “It’s a personal album, and there are so many things that happened throughout making it that it’s really hard for me to explain in one go. I think the best way is for you to listen to it, but I’m so happy that it’s finally done.” She added in a press release, “[Honey is] this sweet place, like a very soft ecstasy. Something that’s so sensual, and so good. I danced a lot when I was making it. I found a sensuality and a softness that I don’t think I was able to use in the same way before. Everything just became softer.”

Listen to “Human Being” above, and read our review of Honey here.

Honey is out 10/26 via Konichiwa Records/Interscope Records. Pre-order it here.