Robyn’s Video For ‘Send To Robin Immediately’ Is A Striking Tribute To The Sanctity Of Youth

“All on her own, Robyn is a spectacle,” wrote Sasha Geffen in their review of Robyn’s first album in eight years upon the release of Honey last year. The statement rings true in everything the Swedish pop star does, be it popping in for simply a small guest appearance in the new Lego Movie song, or launching her very first fashion collection with Swedish brand Björn Borg.

So it’s no surprise that her latest video, for Honey track “Send To Robin Immediately,” follows this tradition of feeling like an event, because everything she touches is characterized by full-hearted importance. The Max Vitali-directed clip is bookended by a smokey forest dance party, where everyone is dapper in the Robyn design collection and proving that it really does work as both active wear and clothes you can wear for a night out. As the video progresses, it captures snapshots of the lives of young people, where their existence become whatever they make of it, and the outside world is easy to block out. Set against a song that is all atmosphere and mood, it adds up to a striking experience.

Check out the video for “Send To Robin Immediately” above. Robyn will be appearing at Red Bull’s Los Angeles festival next week.

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