The Biggest Snubs From The 2018 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominee Class

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10.05.17 10 Comments

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Sometimes it feels like the nominating committee and voting body at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame make decisions just to irritate the music-loving world. Of course, that’s really not true. Everyone involved in that venerated and maligned institution on the banks of Lake Erie is first and foremost a music fan, and more often than not, offer up names and check off boxes because they actually, really love the artists in question.

This year’s slate of nominees to the Rock Hall was finally unveiled late on Wednesday night, and to be honest, it’s a pretty tremendous class of talent. Headed up by first-time nominees Radiohead and Rage Against The Machine, the committee gave the larger pool of voters an incredibly deep and diverse array of talent to choose from. Amongst the standouts this year include LL Cool J — who some, myself included, think should have gone in before Tupac as the Hall’s first solo MC — Nina Simone, Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, MC5, Link Wray, and the Zombies, just to name just a few of the 18 entrants.

That being said, there were more than a few names left on the outside looking in this year that defy logic. Here are the biggest snubs amongst this year’s nominated class.

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