Listen To This Eddie: A Rock And Roll History Nerd’s Guide To Los Angeles

Senior Music Writer

Corbin Reiff

Listen To This Eddie is a weekly column that examines the important people and events in the classic rock canon and how they continue to impact the world of popular music.

Los Angeles is a city that holds different charms for different people. Maybe you’re a film buff, eager to walk Hollywood Boulevard or scope out some of the sites where some of the most beloved movies of all-time were filmed. Maybe you’re more of a beach bum, eager to stroll the Oceanfront Walk on Venice Beach and hit the boardwalk in Santa Monica. Perhaps you’re a foodie with a whole list of established and up-and-coming restaurants you’re dying to check out. There’s almost no limit to what you can do.

As for me, a [proud] music history nerd, whenever I find myself in the LA area, an inordinate amount of my time is spent catching shows at some of the city’s iconic venues, hitting a few of the renowned recording studios dotted around Hollywood and beyond, or having a drink at one of any bars, restaurants and hotels where so many famed musicians made mischief back in the day.

Whether you’re a native Angelo, or perhaps planning a trip to visit SoCal in the near future, here are a handful of places to check out that played pretty significant roles in the storied history of rock and roll.

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