The ‘Rockin’ 1,000′ Came Together To Make Another Excellent Foo Fighters Cover

Last July, a group of 1,000 Italian musicians named the Rockin’ 1,000 came together to celebrate and bond over their love for their favorite band, the Foo Fighters. The group created a rendition of the band’s classic hit “Learn to Fly” which was so moving that the Foo Fighters came to play a special concert in the Rockin’ 1,000’s hometown of Cesena, Italy. On New Year’s Eve, the Rockin’ 1,000 posted their next tribute to the band, a cover version of the song “Saint Cecilia.”

The track is one of the band’s newer songs found on the Saint Cecilia EP the band released for free on November 23. The Rockin’ 1,000 asked fans of the Foo Fighters from around the world to record themselves singing and/or playing an instrument to the track, took the massive amount of footage and sound, and synced all of them to the track, creating a crowdsourced version of the song. The Rockin’ 1,000 also asked the musicians to film a short clip of themselves holding up signs that say either “I rule” or “I am not done,” signifying that Rock ‘n’ Roll music is here to stay. The group says that the project took 10 days of work to complete.

At the end of the video, a powerful quote from the recently passed Lemmy Kilmister regarding the current state of Rock ‘n’ Roll is displayed in black and white.

The future of Rock’n’Roll is in the hands of the fans. Only they can pull the plug. Because there are always musicians eager to strum a guitar and sing on. I still believe.

(via Spin)