Roger Waters, Neil Young, And My Morning Jacket Came Together On Stage For A Bob Dylan Cover

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Bob Dylan hasn’t been exactly forthcoming in his thanks or acceptance of his recently-won Nobel Prize for Literature, but that hasn’t stopped people from showering him with praise and wondering whether or not he will actually show up to the big ceremony when the time comes. Certain people are calling Dylan rude or inconsiderate for not even acknowledging his Nobel Prize, while others are pretty okay with the notoriously curmudgeonly artist and his ways.

The controversy (“controversy”) over Dylan’s Nobel Prize hasn’t stopped his fellow musicians from being congratulatory about his talent and the worthiness of the award, especially ones from his own generation. Leonard Cohen compared his prize to “putting a medal on Everest” and now a super group consisting of Roger Waters, Neil Young, and the sometimes-Roger Waters backing band My Morning Jacket celebrated his career by performing a cover of “Forever Young” at the Bridge School Benefit.

The group jammed away on the song, which also featured some impressive backing vocals. Maybe if this group gets invited to perform at the Nobel Ceremony in a few weeks Dylan would come running to pick up that honor. Or he wouldn’t, but at least everybody gets to enjoy Neil Young and Roger Waters and My Morning Jacket performing one of his songs together like it’s not a big deal at all.

(via Rolling Stone)

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