Roger Waters Is Working On An Opera Based On ‘The Wall’

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Can there be anything new under the Sun with regards to Pink Floyd? After all the laser shows and synching Wizard of Oz up with Dark Side of the Moon, what more can be done? Well, apparently there was a little bit left in the tank, as an opera based on Pink Floyd’s classic album The Wall will be taking the stage in Montreal in March of 2017. So, you know, plenty of time left to get tickets.

That’s not all, though. The project, called Another Brick in the Wall: The Opera, is a collaboration between Opera de Montreal and Roger Waters, the bass player and primary songwriter of Pink Floyd. Water is working as the librettist for the opera, with Julien Bilodeau handling the music.

The Wall is fitting for adaption as an opera. It was already turned into a movie in 1982, a particularly weird one at that, and Waters for a while was doing a solo tour where he played the entire album in full that was quite ambitious in its visuals. Basically, if any album was going to be turned into an opera, it just makes sense for it to be The Wall. Not that Waters headed into this with great zeal.

“It had been my experience that experiments in collaboration between the worlds of rock and roll and the worlds of symphonic music were generally disastrous and should be embarked upon with extreme trepidation,” he said on Thursday. However, this time, apparently it was different. “I sat there not expecting to be moved, and I was moved,” he said, before adding, “Very moved. So I approach this project with great enthusiasm.”

Roger Waters, who doesn’t think rock and roll and symphonic music tend to mix, thinks this The Wall opera is a great idea. That’s reason for encouragement, right?

(via Rolling Stone)