Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s ‘Time In Common’ Video Is A Glimpse At Touring Life

Going on a tour as a band, it seems, is a real give and take process. Yes, you’re out on the road playing shows for fans, seeing the world while doing what you love, but it’s also exhausting. Performing is a lot of work, traveling can be stressful and tiring, and your gear isn’t going to lug itself around, especially if you’re a smaller group. Australian group Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever toured North America this year (if you missed them, they’ll be back in the fall too), and they decided to document the process in a new video for “Time In Common,” a two-minute adrenaline shot from their new album Hope Downs.

The band says the video was filmed “while we were driving coast to coast through the USA,” and it’s a compilation of clips of the band just living life on the road: Playing gigs, driving, getting some rest, putting in some work, and having fun. They’re definitely a band that considers themselves fortunate, especially considering that they all still have day jobs: The band’s Tom Russo told Uproxx recently, “For the rest of this year we’re touring pretty hard with the first album coming out, but I don’t think music’s our full-time job just yet.”

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Hope Downs is out now via Sub Pop. Get it here.