The Rolling Stones Will Release Their First Studio Album In More Than A Decade

rolling stones
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The Rolling Stones aren’t like, say, Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen. While they keep touring, they haven’t really been releasing new music. Their most recent album, A Bigger Bang, came out in 2005, and their most recent album before that was 1997’s Bridges to Babylon. Also, younger listeners don’t really care about the Rolling Stones’ newer albums, for the most part. However, when you’re a legendary rock and roll band, you get to make a new album when you want to, and that’s what the Stones have decided to do.

Ronnie Wood, guitarist for the group, says that the band will be releasing a new album, their 25th studio album in their career, before the end of the year. Will there be new material? Yes, they’ve been working on some new songs. Will they also be including blues standards on the album? Of course! Keith Richards is still in the band, after all.

Unless you are a diehard fan of Mick Jagger and company, an album from The Rolling Stones in 2016 may not seem terribly exciting. Nevertheless, some credit is probably due to the band for not simply resting on their laurels and cutting some new tracks. If they want to tool around and record some old Howlin’ Wolf songs, who’s to stop them? After all, 25 albums is an accomplishment, even if a lot of people stopped paying attention after “Start Me Up.”

(Via Stereogum)