Kristen Stewart Drives Through The Apocalypse In The Rolling Stones’ ‘Ride ‘Em On Down’ Video

Kristen Stewart driving a nice car through an empty Los Angeles wouldn’t work as a music video premise for many songs. It’s just too simple. But for “Ride ‘Em On Down” — a track The Rolling Stones’ back-to-basics album of blues covers Blue & Lonesome — simple works best.

Stewart drives recklessly through L.A. after the end of the world, only encountering one other person who she warns off with a crowbar. Beyond that, her only entertainment is her car and the hollowed out city (barring the occasional escaped zoo animal). Check out the video up top.

According to Rolling Stone, the video was recorded over two days on location in Los Angeles by director Francois Rousselet — which is in line with the get-in, get-out nature of the whole album. The Stones took three days to record the entirety of Lonesome in London, seemingly picking which covers to record on the fly.

“I didn’t even have time to change my guitar,” Ronnie Wood told Rolling Stone. “They were coming so thick and fast. It was like, ‘OK, let’s do it — this one, that one.'”

In addition to the Eddie Taylor cover that Stewart jams along to, the album also features covers of Buddy Johnson, Memphis Slim, Howlin;’ Wolf, Little Walter and Willie Dixon. It’s out today via Polydor.