LA Producer Rome Castille’s Advice On How To Avoid Music Festival Burnout

No matter how mellow the music is, festivals are high energy. After days of concerts, parties, and interacting with a community of thousands, a first-timer can get burned out. “For newbies going to their first festival, you got to understand power naps,” LA-based hip-hop artist Rome Castille told Uproxx for Artist Pass.

Since his 2017 EP The Sixty Series, Castille has been juggling several projects, including a collaboration with Timbaland. His secret to doing the most? Knowing when to take a break. “You wear yourself out fast because you want to do so much and you want to do everything and it’s like, you tend to not sleep,” he warns festival newcomers. “It will catch up with you.”

Castille understands why festival goers want to see and do everything at once, but if they don’t learn to take a break, they’ll either burn out and miss everything or feel low-energy the whole time, and Castille is looking for high-energy friends in his festival squad. “I’ve been to festivals with some Debbie Downers before so I always make sure that whatever person I’m going with, the energy has got to be Travis Scott energy,” he said. “Because you got to be as hype as I am. The squad’s got to be lit.”

Castille even offered a suggestion in case a nap isn’t feasible in the festival squad’s schedule: an inflatable couch. “Everyone’s tired of standing,” he explains. “The party can come to you.” Check out the video for more of Rome Castille’s tips for your own best festival experience.