Ron Paul Secures The Coveted Snoop Dogg Endorsement


When we last checked in on beloved national treasure Snoop Dogg, he was dishing out real talk on how a man should treat a “ho” like Kim Kardashian. (Pay attention, Tim Tebow!) Prior to that, Snoop was getting busted for marijuana possession in South Texas — in the exact spot Willie Nelson was once busted, no less — so we can only imagine that his growing frustrations over weed being criminalized in America might have something to do with his decision to apparently endorse Ron Paul for president on his Facebook page.

We’re sure that Paul, a curmudgeonly old hard-line libertarian who opposes virtually all government intervention, responded to this news by asking an aide, “Who the heck is Snoop Dogg?” And we can only assume that this means Snoop has abandoned his plan to get Obama to legalize weed by getting the president high with his “aroma.”

Finally, here’s your obligatory Snoop/Last Supper GIF…

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