Rozwell Kid’s ‘Wendy’s Trash Can’ Is A 10-Hour Loop Of Sticky Power Pop

Contributing Writer

Rozwell Kid are easily the greatest power-pop band out of West Virginia you’ll hear today. Their latest single “Wendy’s Trash Can” is an almost supernaturally sticky bit of hooky rock, clinging to the inside of your brain like a stubborn brown patch on a fast food garbage bin that you hope was once ketchup.

The band sound like a less needy Weezer, fully giving into the joy of their music and that’s no accident.

“My favorite music is that kind of style,” frontman Jordan Hudkins said in an interview with Uproxx earlier this year. “I love the energy of it, and the melody; melody is the most important thing for me personally. I like melody heavy music with big rock guitars. I learned to play from Weezer and Green Day.”

Much like those sources of inspiration, Rozwell Kid’s sound is endlessly repeatable. The band know that you’re going to want to hear their “ooh ooh ooh” shouts and excellent riffs over and over again. That’s why they premiered their new track in that peculiar bit of YouTube weirdness, the 10-hour loop. Thirty minutes in, it still goes. Give it many, many listens up top.

“Wendy’s Trash Can” is merely the latest from their upcoming album Precious Art, which drops on June 23 via SideOneDummy. After that, they’re hitting the road along with fellow hook-masters Chris Farren, Great Grandpa and Vundabar before closing out at Gainesville’s raucous and long-running Fest. Check out their tour dates here.

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