This Inspiring Toy Ad Set To A Beastie Boys Song Needs To Air During The Super Bowl

With the holidays less than a month away (Hanukkah begins next Wednesday — hope you’ve got your gelt ready!), you’re already being bombarded with loud, crass, expensive toy commercials that don’t make you want to buy Polly Peesalot for your daughter so much as SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP I’M NOT BUYING MY THREE-YEAR-OLD A TABLET. It’s awful, so consider GoldieBlox’s Rube Goldberg-inspired ad a drink of water in the desert.

Or, perhaps more accurately, a Beastie Boys song on a playlist otherwise filled with Nickelback dumps. GoldieBlox makes toys for girls that aren’t dollies in pink dresses, and in the commercial below, they use the infectiously joyful “Girls” to perfection. According to Biz Journals, “GoldieBlox entered Intuit’s first ever Small Business, Big Game contest where one commercial from a small company will be played during the Super Bowl in 2014.” Let this be it.