Run The Jewels Reveal The Surprising Way Rock Music Influenced Their Sound

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Killer Mike and El-P don’t need to recite their hip-hop credentials. The two members of Run The Jewels have been a fixture in rap’s underground in both Atlanta and New York City for decades, and have spent the last five years or so basking in the spotlight, while blowing people’s minds with some of the most potent bars and beats anyone has ever heard before. What many people don’t know however is how much they love rock music.

In a recent interview with Revolver, Mike and El opened up about what bands they’ve enjoyed through the years and how they’ve been influenced by different rock artists in their own music.

“I just like heavy music in general,” El explained. “Heavy rock and heavy metal and heavy rap and heavy everything. Anything that gets to the more emotional and dark side of music.” He then cited influences like “Gang Of Four, Suicide, The Clash.” Killer Mike added, “I’m lucky enough to have grown up at a time when you could see Run DMC and Metallica in the same summer.” Then he cited his love of Rage Against The Machine, who’s frontman Zack De La Rocha, has become a frequent RTJ collaborator in recent years, most notably on the song “Close Your Eyes And Count To F*ck.”