Run The Jewels Will Remix Their New Album With Cat Sounds

The Internet isn’t a garbage-monster that should be put down like so many sick animals. OK, it is 97% of the time. But that other 3%? That’s when it’s pretty cool. Proof: last month, El-P and Killer Mike, a.k.a. Run the Jewels, announced a bunch of fake pre-order packages for their upcoming album, RTJ2. The best of the bunch was called Meow the Jewels, a remix of RTF2 “using…cat sounds for music.”

Naturally, a fan of cats and/or rap made a Kickstarter, in an attempt to raise “$40k so our two favorite artists, Killer Mike and El-P, will remix Run the Jewels 2 with all cat sounds for the music.” Good news.

According to El-P, the money will be donated “somewhere that will directly benefit the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.”