Run The Jewels’ New, Limited Edition Zombie-Killing Statue Is Raising The Bar For Artist Merch

With album sales going to the wayside, artist’s merchandise has become a crucial portion of an artist’s ecosystem and there may be no act in music with a better handle on merch than Run The Jewels. Almost since the inception of the supergroup, Killer Mike and El-P have constantly released a steady stream of material for fans to buy, including the more typical items like t-shirts, sweaters and stickers as well as more unique items like coffee mugs, action figures and even a special edition weed grinder. Now, Mike and El may have finally outdone themselves with the release of a limited edition statue for their fans.

Sculpted by Steven Cartoccio of Concrete Jungle fame, the 1/8 scale resin statue depicts the duo fighting off blue-skinned zombies, with Mike rocking a chain and holding a shotgun and El-P sporting a sharp pair of shades while unsheathing a sword with one hand and toting a pistol in the other. Only 100 statues will be made and sold on the Run The Jewels web store, releasing tomorrow. There is no word on the pricing just yet. Check out some additional pictures of the statue below along with the promo video the group put together to show off the incredible piece.