Ryan Adams Beefed With Deadmau5 At The Governors Ball

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Ryan Adams strums contemplative songs on the guitar. Deadmau5 plays big, booming, bass dropping house songs while wearing a giant cartoon mouse head. Putting them near one another at a music festival might seem problematic, and that indeed ended up being the case at this weekend’s Governors Ball, according to Spin.

Surprising nobody who has ever been to a music festival, there was some sound bleed from Deadmau5’s set over into Adams’, and Adams is known for being quick with a quip when the time comes. “Try to make this song on your f*king iPhone,” he groaned, before following that with, “This song is not going to match the robot music over there… It’s like we’re living in a f*king Terminator nightmare!”

Rockers complaining about EDM music is nothing new, although Adams at least had reason to be peeved, given how Deadmau5’s sick beats were hindering those trying to listen to Adams’ music. Deadmau5 responded on Twitter:

That’s a pretty passive-aggressive way to bury the hatchet.

Hopefully these two don’t get stuck playing at the same time at any future events. We don’t need a round two here. Nobody wins when musicians feud, no matter how much Mark Kozelek tries.

(Via Spin)