Ryan Adams Dropped A Poignant New Song Called ‘Doomsday’ On Inauguration Day

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To mark Inauguration Day Ryan Adams has shared another new track off his new album, Prisoner. “Doomsday” is a poignant ballad with plenty of harmonica that asks how long love will last, alluding to the inevitable doomsday that might break the connection. Adams’ new album comes out at the end of February, and “Doomsday” follows up previously released tracks “Do You Still Love Me?” and “To Be Without You.”

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe to discuss the new record, Adams hinted that getting back together his old band, Whiskeytown, just might be a possibility. But he’s been busier working with artists like Jenny Lewis and Liz Phair to help produce and record new music from them. He’s currently in the studio working with Phair, and has been sharing new snippets of her music via social media.

Adams has made his political affiliations known by being fairly vocally against Trump on Twitter, and surely the timing of a song called “Doomsday” couldn’t really get any more on the nose. But if we’re going to listen to anything facing down disaster, a slow country rocker like this track is just as fitting as any other soundtrack. Stream “Doomsday” below and look for Adams’ new album coming mid-February.