Ryan Adams Is Sharing New Liz Phair Song Snippets And They’re Excellent

Earlier this month Ryan Adams broke the news that Liz Phair is back in the studio — his Pax Am studio, to be exact — and that she has a new double album on the way. He further pontificated that her new songs are on a Guyville. Needless to say, the internet was amped about this. When I posted it, I asked Adams to share some snippets of new Phair songs like he’s been doing with Jenny Lewis, and looks like he decided to humor us all by doing just that. Listen to the newest snippet above, and plenty more from over the weekend below:

No word so far on a release date for the album, or a title, but if these previews are any indication, it’s going to be quite the return. Phair’s last record Funstyle came out back in 2010, so we’re long overdue for a follow up. And like Adams said, it sounds like she’s returned to her Exile In Guyville sound. 2017 is really beginning to shape up — at least album-wise.

Update: Today Adams shared more previews of new music: