Ryan Adams Shares Details About The Three New Albums He’s Releasing In 2019

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Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams is one of the most prolific artists in indie. In his two-decade career, Adams has already released 16 (!!) studio albums, averaging out to about one album every 14 months. Ryan Adams is about to out-Ryan Adams himself, though — the singer has announced that he will release three new albums in 2019.

Adams shared details about the first album’s release with The Washington Post‘s Power Up newsletter. The first record, called Big Colors, will be out on April 19. Big Colors, produced by studio legends Beatriz Artola and Don Was, will have 15 tracks. Was shared a statement about the record with The Washington Post. If you’re wondering if Adams will “tap into the deepest reaches of the Creative Ether” on this album, the answer is yes.

“I wish everyone could witness the awe-inspiring sight of Ryan Adams recording in the studio… the endless flow of brilliant ideas is mind-blowing and he’s clearly tapped into the deepest reaches of the Creative Ether. His forthcoming album(s) elevate his art form to a whole new stratosphere and it’s an honor and a thrill for all of us at Blue Note Records to work with him. Oh yeah… one other thing: he’s the most underrated guitarist in rock n roll.”

Some other politics reporters and Adams fans shared some details about the second album, called Wednesday, due to follow Big Colors later in 2019. According to CBS’ Anthony Mason, Wednesday will be 17 tracks, with several featuring Emmylou Harris, Jason Isbell, and Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers’ Benmont Tench.

Ryan Adams’ 17th studio album, Big Colors, is due out April 19 via PAX AM.