Ryan Adams Compared Taylor Swift To Shakespeare And Neil Armstrong

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If you thought Ryan Adams would be done fawning over Taylor Swift once he released a track-by-track covers album of Swift’s 1989, you’re sorely mistaken. Adams compared the “Shake It Off” singer to Shakespeare and Neil Armstrong in a new interview with the Guardian.

In the interview, Adams said that going from his own work to Swift’s was like “being in Ghostbusters or something, and then all of a sudden I have to go do Shakespeare.” When the interviewer pointed out that comparing Swift to Shakespeare might be a bit of a reach, Adams countered with “Well, look, those songs are popular for a reason.”

Adams also revealed that he’s very aware of the backlash over his covers album. Many critics have pointed out that it shouldn’t take a sad man with a guitar to make everyone realize that Taylor Swift is a gifted songwriter and Adams agrees with them, saying that he “never thought about gender.”

“It sounds very selfish and it is – I thought about Ryan. I projected into this universe. And the songs were this spacecraft that took me into this parallel universe. It was very cathartic for me, because I found myself singing those songs and feeling things from my divorce, [Adams split from the actress Mandy Moore in January this year] feeling things from a current relationship, feeling things from the distant past.”

He also seemingly compared Taylor Swift to Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong.

“Some of us just go up and we work on the satellites, we do some space walks and we go back to Earth. Then there’s the Neil Armstrongs – those folks that go to the moon. They’re awesome. I’m just a dude who works on the satellites. And I’m happy with that. At least I get to go to space.”

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(Via the Guardian)