Ryan Pollie Drops His Los Angeles Police Department Moniker On The ’70s-Influenced ‘Blackout’

Even though LA indie rocker Ryan Pollie’s project Los Angeles Police Department was, for all intents and purposes, a band, Pollie never hid the fact that it was himself helming the creativity behind the moniker. So when he nonchalantly announced that LAPD was no more on social media recently, it felt like only a slight sidestep that he opted to now go by his own name for recording and touring purposes.

At that, Pollie has now released his first song from the Ryan Pollie-era: the lyrically-direct, ’70s-inspired “Blackout.” Armed with more weepy guitar leads than ever before, the track tackles the shame and confusion that comes with the morning after a rough night drinking. Pollie had this to say about the song in a press release:

The song generally is about substance abuse. Occasionally I will go super hard with friends and this song was written and recorded the day after my friend’s birthday party. I black out kind of easily, and then the next day I get super down and go through a lot of self-loathing. Alcohol really affects my brain chemistry. The song does not really have an agenda, but is more just written about my experience of that day and what I was feeling. Canceling plans, apologizing to friends.”

Check out the debut solo single from Ryan Pollie, “Blackout,” above.