Saba And His Pivot Gang Crew Survive A Cold Snap In Their Chilly ‘Jason Statham, Pt. 2’ Video

Everyone loves a snow day, but Saba and his Pivot Gang cohorts may be taking it a bit far in their new video for “Jason Statham, Pt. 2.” There’s cold and then there’s whatever the heck happened a few weeks ago that had people in the Midwest throwing hot soup in the air just to watch it instantly freeze. But the Chicago natives were apparently undaunted by the ridiculously frigid temperatures and made a day of it, hanging out as a group and dancing along in the snow while performing the verses from this low key head nodder. The Addison Wright-directed video may have a simple concept, but it looks fun — just like any good snow day should be.

“Jason Statham, Pt. 2” is the first single from Pivot Gang’s upcoming group album due later this year. It will be their first group project since 2013 when they released their mixtape, Jimmy. The crew consists of members daedaePIVOT, Dam Dam, Daoud, Frsh Waters, Joseph Chilliams, MFn Melo, Saba, and SqueakPIVOT. The death of founding member John Walt (who is also Saba’s cousin) was the inspiration for Saba’s reflective 2018 album, Care For Me. While his album was mostly a somber, solo affair, he’s recently released a slew of more upbeat tracks featuring some of his Pivot Gang brethren, including “Papaya.”