Sacha Baron Cohen Revealed That A Drunk Liam Gallagher Threatened To Stab Him

There are guys you can make fun of, there are guys you cannot make fun of, and then there’s Liam Gallagher. While on Conan Tuesday night promoting his latest film, The Brothers Grimsby, Sacha Baron Cohen explained how his character from the movie was visually inspired by Oasis’ Liam Gallagher. To make things even better, the comedian went on to tell an absolutely bonkers story involving a drunken Liam Gallagher.

Cohen was presenting at the GQ Awards in London where he had planned on telling a joke about Liam Gallagher, he even ran the idea by his wife first who told him “do not do that, Liam Gallagher has a history of violence.” With that knowledge in mind, Cohen still wanted to do it, even going as far as asking and getting the okay from Gallagher to make a joke at his expense.

After going onstage, Cohen never got around to making the joke. During the afterparty, Cohen ran into Gallagher who was sitting on a couch with U2’s Bono and, not surprisingly, the Oasis singer was a bit drunk. After Liam claimed to be John Lennon (the greatest living rockstar), the drunken musician approached Cohen and demanded an explanation as to why he never “took the piss” out of him. When he explained he never got around to it, Gallagher threatened to stab Cohen, specifically stab him in the eye.

He never got stabbed, but maybe Sacha should have just listened to his wife to be on the safe side.

(via Conan)