Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis Is Going Solo As Sad13, And Her First Single Is About Consent

For the past five years, Sadie Dupuis has been the lead singer and guitarist of Speedy Ortiz, the lyrical Massachusetts indie rock band that really came into their own with 2013’s Major Arcana. The group — which rolled out a safe space hotline — released an (excellent) album last year, Foil Deer, but now Dupuis is going at it alone as Sad13. Her debut solo album, Slugger, comes out on Carpark Records on Nov. 11. You can hear first single, “Get a Yes,” below.

Dupuis told NPR the song — which swaps Speedy’s guitar fuzz with synths and shiny vocals — is about consensual sex, and “you can only get to that affirmative yes through a lot of dialoguing, and I think that process should be viewed as fun, sexy, and not at all daunting. So I wanted to make a pop song that explores the excitement inherent in getting and giving consent.”

Slugger was inspired by everyone from the pop-leaning Santigold and Grimes, to indie-mainstays Waxahatchee and Mitski, and Dupuis recorded and produced the album herself, a “not insignificant act of feminist defiance.” She’s a clever, singular voice in a crowded field, or as her record label puts it, “This is fun music about real sh*t.” That’s what pop should be.

(Via NPR)