Sam Smith ‘Hated Every Minute’ Of His Oscars Performance

Performing at the Oscars would be a high-water mark for most musicians. Your average artist would be overjoyed at playing in front of such a massive audience and the honor that comes with that invite. Sam Smith, purveyor of sad songs and ball-gripping Bond themes, however, had the exact opposite reaction. After he stepped off stage, Smith revealed how he felt about his performance to the BBC.

“It was the worst moment of my life. Singing was horrible. I hated every minute,” he said.

All in all, it’s a fitting reaction to a performance of one of the most poorly received James Bond themes in recent memory. If we re-did this list, it would almost certainly come in near the bottom (though I’m in the tank for “Die Another Day,” so take that with a massive grain of salt). Still, all that negative energy couldn’t stop Smith from taking home the Oscar for Best Original Song for “Writing’s on the Wall.”

Smith dedicated his win to the LGBT community, saying that he’s “hoping we can all stand here as equals,” after unfortunately misattributing himself as the first openly gay performer to win an Oscar. Following his speech, he told the BBC that he felt a need to show he cares about the LGBT community in the wake of critics accusing him of not doing enough.

“It’s important to show I care about my community. In the past in my career, people said that I didn’t care. I just wanted to make it clear that I really do care.”

(Via NME)