Sampha’s Cover Of Solange’s ‘Cranes In The Sky’ Is Beyond Otherworldly

Sampha’s voice is one of those things that is hard to explain in words — it’s a reminder that there’s a reason we have music at all, some things can only be conveyed in music. One of those things is Sampha’s voice, which he used to cover Solange’s masterful, Grammy award winning A Seat At The Table standout “Cranes In The Sky.”

Though Sampha first came up as a guest vocalist on other tracks by huge stars like Solange, Solange’s sister Beyonce, Drake, and many others, his debut album Process has now established the UK singer as a star in his own right. While he was at Glastonbury for a performance, Sampha did a brief set for BBC Radio 1, first performing his own “Blood On Me,” and then joined by John (aka “Spirit Fingers”) for “Cranes In The Sky.” The BBC announcers ask him if he got Solo’s sign off, and while he didn’t, he did get a co-sign later on:

“Crying,” Solange wrote of the cover on Twitter. “Sampha your voice and soul are unmatched.” That pretty much sums it up. Play the entire two-song set by clicking through the tweet above, or go here to listen.