Santigold's Video For 'Girls' Contains No Shots Of Lena Dunham Naked, Thankfully

Did you, like me, decide to give Girls another chance last night, only to have your eyes assaulted by a naked Lena Dunham grinding on Donald Glover’s Childish Gambino within the first two minutes of the episode — the first of three scenes in which Dunham took her clothes off? Jesus what is it with this girl and forcing her audience to see her naked?! I’m beginning to think she’s a psychopath or something.

Oh, and then how do you have Brian Williams’ hot daughter in a love scene and use cutesy tricks to not show us any of HER naked body? Lena Dunham basically has an HBO show for the sole purpose of trolling us. And for this she is lauded as being “brave.” REAL TALK: Revealing your portly bod repeatedly on cable television is not f*cking brave; running into a burning building to save a life not your own is brave. There’s a huge difference.

ANYWAY, here is the video for Santigold’s “Girls,” which is thankfully devoid of Lena Dunham’s naked body or any of the loathsome characters she created (I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to see a TV character die in a grease fire as much as that annoying Shoshanna character David Mamet’s daughter plays on Girls), despite the fact that it’s on the Girls soundtrack. And yes, I am still PISSED that Girls won the Golden Globe for comedic TV series over Louie, Parks and Rec, Veep and Community. What a crock of utter sh*t. I need a drink.

(Via Stereogum)