We Spent Way Too Much Time Analyzing The Music Tastes On ‘Saved By The Bell’

09.09.15 3 years ago 9 Comments


There are a lot of ways to give characters on TV depth and personality. One way is by establishing what kind of music they listen to. Sometimes this is done well, and it makes sense for the character. Take, for example, Clarissa Darling’s affinity for They Might Be Giants. That just tracks. Ben Wyatt loving Letters from Cleo? A clever pull, and perfectly sensible. On the other hand, on occasion, it feels very clumsy or tacked on. Sometimes a musician appears on a show, and now everybody has to be fans of said musician. Other times, a character’s fandom is seemingly limited to posters tossed up on a bedroom wall. Even if this is the case, it becomes canonical. In theory, these characters are fans of the musicians plastered upon their wall.

We are going to explore this phenomenon by drilling down into one specific show, the paragon of ‘90s culture that is Saved by the Bell. Nobody can accuse Saved by the Bell, or its creators, of putting a lot of thought and effort into such details. But the show does suggest that its characters are fans of certain musicians. Does it work logically, though? In short, would the characters of Saved by the Bell be fans of these particular bands?

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