Schoolboy Q Thinks Drake Haters Are ‘Dweebs’ Who Don’t Want To Admit He Is ‘One Of The Greats’

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With his new album Crash Talk available today, Schoolboy Q hit the radio circuit to promote it, but in the course of praising his own work he also wound up defending the legacy of another oft-maligned, big-name rapper: Drake. When Q stopped by Hot97’s Ebro In The Morning show, he stuck up for the Canadian rapper, who takes a lot of flak online for everything from his wishy-washy romantic persona to being a “culture vulture.”

According to Q, Drake is “one of the greats” and anyone who doesn’t agree is a “dweeb.” He further questioned: “How you sayin’ somebody sold out? You don’t even know what sold out is in this culture.”

His rationale for this appraisal is simple: If people really didn’t like Drake as much as they very vocally insist online, Drake simply wouldn’t be as successful as he is now. ” “If Drake is trash, you n—-s stop giving him 50 billion streams,” he challenged. “Cause y’all all listening to it, bruh, it’s too many streams. … You just don’t wanna say it.” Q explained the reason that he thinks Drake gets so much hate online as well, saying that “when you just light-skinned and from Canada,” rap fans raised on a specific image of Black masculinity will have their judgments — although maybe not in so many words.

Drake defended himself from those accusations on British radio recently as well, wondering why “giving somebody a song or linking up… how that’s not viewed as something admirable.”