Schoolboy Q Puts In ‘Overtime’ With His New Video Featuring Miguel And Justine Skye

Schoolboy Q releases the video for “Overtime,” also known as the album cut the rapper reportedly called a bootleg version of “Studio” and a song Interscope “made” him do with labelmates Miguel and Justine Skye. For better or worse, the new visual carries the same forced fit as the song itself.

Directed by Jack Begert and Dave Free of tHe little Homies, the scenes captured are a colorful mix that unfortunately don’t seem to have any connection. There’s one thick young lady who twerks across the screen throughout the TDE MC’s first verse and another scene follows where School is posted up at a playground while getting his hair cut by a flock of women. I went to the barbershop this weekend and didn’t recall a bevy of booties and boobies floating around the shop. Miguel’s depicted in his own little world on a mountaintop where he expresses how horny he is to no one in particular while Skye’s got her on male counterpart and a bunch of balloons for her scene. Yeah, either this doesn’t make much sense or it’s so deep it floated right over my head.

That’s not to say the song isn’t good enough to make a small dent on the charts. It will. Radio will work with a rinsed version of the song that doesn’t include Q’s raunchy lyrics or Miguel’s equally raunchy chorus. Rising R&B talent Justine comes along just for a look on a song that differs completely from the rest of Blank Face‘s street-driven approach. In the end, Q called it best: it’s a carbon copy of “Studio” made just for spins.