Schoolboy Q Finally Unfollows ASAP Rocky Over His Latest Calvin Klein Underwear Ad

Schoolboy Q and ASAP Rocky have been longtime friends. And as close friends, they never cease making fun of each other. Saturday was no different when Rocky posted a photo of him wearing Calvin Klein underwear to his Instagram page.

When Rocky posted a photo of himself laying across a carpeted ground in underwear, it was only a matter of time before he got roasted by Schoolboy.

“Y’all knew I was gone pull up… I honestly don’t know wat 2 say brah,” Schoolboy started in the comments. “This sh*t so outta pocket he put headphones on.” Schoolboy then went on to joke about unfollowing Flacko. “We been friends for about 10 yrs I’m really un following u on god.” One fan double checked and Schoolboy has apparently made good on his promise to unfollow Rocky.

Tyler the Creator also joined in on the fun. “You the most fire butch on earth right now I wish I was that carpet,” he joked.

This isn’t the first time Schoolboy Q gave Rocky heat for a Calvin Klein ad. Previously, a photo of Rocky laying on a roof in underwear made it to a giant billboard. Schoolboy Q immediately chimed in with comments saying, “Ima let you slide CuHz I’m on da golf course… but youz a biatcH lol.” It’s also become a running joke that Schoolboy will tell Rocky to lose his phone number each time one of Rocky’s promotional posts pop up.

At the end of the day, Schoolboy and Tyler mean no malice, but it does make for an entertaining comment section.