Scott Weiland Claims Guns N’ Roses Is Getting Their Original Lineup Back Together

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11.08.15 4 Comments
Axl Rose

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Rock star frontmen are a little bit messy. This quality comes with the territory as a bit of an occupational hazard. Scott Weiland tends to take that requirement to an extreme. He’s not functionally messy either, as his recent marble-mouthed “Vasoline” performance demonstrates, and he has a long history of issues that contribute to said messiness.

Yet one could expect Weiland to be privy to some inside Guns n’ Roses information. As the Velvet Revolver singer, Weiland rubbed elbows on the tour bus with Slash, Duff McKagen, and Matt Sorum. I’ve always described Velvet Revolver as “the home for wayward Guns n’ Roses members” because once Axl’s notorious antics became too much, his former bandmates fled to seek refuge. Did the guys commiserate to the level where they’d feel comfy continuing to reveal intelligence to Weiland to this day? Perhaps. There’s always the possibility that Weiland conjured some “knowledge” in his own mind. Perhaps he also knows the nostalgia still rides at peak level for the band that captured the zeitgeist of diss-track excellence.

Here’s what we know so far. In May, Slash uttered a “never say never” message when asked about a Guns n’ Roses reunion. In August, he admitted that he and Axl had a long-overdue reconciliation, which presented much excitement from fans. Fred Durst tried to claim credit for the renewed friendship, but no one listened to him. Will people listen to Scott Weiland? He told Alternative Nation what he remembered about his 2006 feud with Axl (revolving around rumors of a Guns n’ Roses reunion), which wasn’t much, but he dropped this nugget:

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