Scott Weiland Mumbling His Way Through ‘Vasoline’ Is Hard To Watch

Remember a few days ago, when we listed Stone Temple Pilots as one of the ’90s bands we’d like to see reunited? Yeah, about that. While performing in Texas, Weiland joked that he and his new band, the Wildabouts, were about to play “a new song… we just worked it out today,” before they launched into “Vasoline,” one of STP’s most beloved and popular songs.

Except this version didn’t sound anything like the one you know. In fact, it didn’t sound like anything, other than a mash of mumbled noise, with Kenny from South Park on lead vocals.

A representative is blaming the shoddy performance on Weiland “being tired and having a couple of drinks before the show,” and that his “earpiece went out during the show.” But I prefer to believe that this is Weiland’s way of getting back at STP for kicking him out of the group in 2013, by ruining one of their most well-known songs. Joke’s on… them?

Source: TMZ