Watch Scott Weiland Perform The Stone Temple Pilots’ Hit ‘Vasoline’ At His Last Show

12.04.15 3 years ago 2 Comments

The news of Scott Weiland’s passing has brought a lot of emotions throughout the rock ‘n’ roll world. Several of his bandmates and friends in the music community have responded to the devastating news. But among all the mourning and sad stuff, it’s also important to remember the great music he brought us. Thankfully, a fan captured the very reason that we fell in love with Weiland’s gruff, unique voice in the first place.

Filmed at a concert that took place in Toronto earlier this week, Weiland’s last show, the video above shows the alt-rock legend tackling a favorite of Stone Temple Pilots fans everywhere with “Vasoline.” Weiland swaggers through the 1994 hit pretty effortlessly on the cell phone-shot clip, just like he would have 20 years ago, even if it’s a cozy, small venue versus an arena.

If anything is to be taken away from the clip, it’s that when Weiland was on, he was as good as any other rock singer to hold a microphone, even well into his 40s. It’s truly sad that this man left a son and wife behind and that so many people will dearly miss him, but at least one silver lining is that you can see that he never lost his step on stage.

(via Rolling Stone)

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