Seattle Police Briefly Re-Examined Kurt Cobain's Death 20 Years After It Happened

THIS JUST IN: Kurt Cobain, still not-living. Just to make sure, though, Seattle police briefly re-examined the Nirvana frontman’s suicide, nearly 20 years later. I’m not sure why they bothered: it’s obvious Courtney Love and Billy Corgan teamed up to frame the Singles soundtrack for blasting a hole in Cobain’s head.

A Seattle cold-case detective recently took another look at the police investigation into the death of rock legend Kurt Cobain nearly 20 years ago, police said this morning. However, there were no new findings and the case is not being re-opened, according to police spokeswoman Renee Witt.

“He dug up the files and had another look and there was nothing new,” said Witt.

The detective found rolls of undeveloped film, which included photos of the scene, said Witt. She called the new photos “underwhelming.” (Via)

“As underwhelming as Billy Corgan’s music!” — Kurt Cobain, were he alive.

Via Seattle Times

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